Paid Media: Fast Fixes for Property Developer

Paid Media: Fast Fixes for Property Developer

The immediate fixes we made to deliver fast results for B2C paid media, including reduced waste and increased returns


Texas developer specializing in land for custom home building, plus a development of pre-built homes


Had managed their own paid search accounts, but found the results weren’t worth the time, money, or effort


Immediately stabilized the account and made simple improvements that yielded significant returns

(un)Common Outcomes
Icon of two apples connected by an arrow, indicating an apples-to-apples comparison for paid media metrics

Tie activity to revenue

First, we ensured that all data was correctly tracked and attributed across all advertising, analytics, and revenue platforms, so future actions could be evaluated on an “apples to apples” basis, focusing on their impact to the bottom line.

Text graphic depicting that we increased conversion rate by 84% and reduced cost per click by 36%, all in 90 days

Adjust bids manually

Many agencies use automatic bid adjustment tools to manage paid search spending, to maximize client volume but not necessarily achieve the best possible results. We use our human intelligence, years of expertise, and attention to detail to manage paid search spend on a granular level. Applying this level of care to the client’s account allowed us to achieve a 36% reduction in costs per click and an 84% increase in the conversion rate, all in the first 90 days.

Text graphic showing an annual savings of $148K from not bidding on irrelevant keywords

Reduce keyword waste

We blocked 400 keywords that didn’t apply to the client’s offerings. These negative keywords were responsible for $147,746 in advertising spend in the previous year, producing low-quality leads with a cost per lead that was nearly double the client’s goal.

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