SEO: Grew Organic Traffic 20% & Non-Branded Clicks 88%

Our (un)common approach to SEO helped Ten Percent Happier see a significant increase in traffic and clicks.

20% Increase in Organic Traffic
88% Increase in Non-Branded Clicks Year-Over-Year (YoY)
45% Increase in Total Page One Keywords

Our client, a leading meditation app, was looking to compete with the largest players in the meditation space through SEO in driving new subscriptions for their app.  They sought a clear return on investment from SEO despite facing the challenges of simultaneously completing a brand redesign and niching down of their target audience.

Our Approach

Our strategy began with meticulous keyword research, focusing on low-competition keywords that were also relevant to the client’s new target audience.  Once target keywords were identified, sitewide page content and meta content was heavily optimized, while the site’s architecture and internal linking was rebuilt around target keywords. Simultaneously, technical issues and inefficiencies were corrected to improve overall visibility for top pages.


(un)Common Logic’s SEO team’s content and architectural optimizations grew organic traffic 20% and non-branded clicks 88% YoY.

  • Increase in Organic Traffic
    • Sitewide optimizations led to a 20% increase in organic sessions which would have cost approximately $131k from paid efforts for the same traffic increase.
  • Reach & Audience
    • Though previously heavily dependent on branded traffic, the newly optimized site generated 88% more non-branded clicks YoY, growing overall brand awareness.
  • Keyword Ranking Growth
    • Total page 1 keywords increased from 602 to 873 YoY (+45%), while the total number of ranking keywords also expanded by 36%.

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