PPC: Increased Leads More Than 2X at a Lower Cost/Lead for Online University

Restructuring this account to focus on data, tracking, goals, efficiencies, and full-funnel marketing led to dramatic results, with more than 2X requests for information (RFIs) coming in at a lower cost/lead than the previous year.

111% increase in RFIs
21% decrease in cost per RFI

This online higher education provider wasn’t meeting their monthly lead goal and the leads they were getting were low quality yet their tracking showed high conversion volume. How could we help them get the quality leads they wanted at a more efficient cost?

Our Approach
  • Changed conversion goals to focus on quality conversions
  • Segmented campaigns and ad groups to minimize internal bidding competition
  • Launched display campaigns for a full-funnel marketing strategy
  • Leveraged CRM for strategic insights to support client

Chart showing more than 2X increase in leads at lower cost/lead for 2021 vs 202

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