PPC: 98% Increase in Leads & 39% Decrease in Cost per Lead

(un)Common Logic's PPC team's user-focused, nimble strategy led to 98% increase in leads & 39% decrease in cost-per-lead year-over-year (YoY) for this B2B IT company.

763% Increase in Conversion Rate
39% Decrease in Cost-per-Lead
98% Growth in Lead Volume

This B2B IT company was rapidly growing and ever-changing in its objectives as they acquired new subsidiaries. How could we help grow their lead volume with a stable budget at an efficient Cost-per-Lead (CPL)?

Our Approach
  • Organized high-spending LinkedIn account by vertical to reflect business structure and diversified creative/content
  • Created a LinkedIn lead nurture flow to re-capture users lower in the buying funnel
  • Continuously optimized for high-volume, low-cost lead generation to maximize cost effectiveness across both Google and LinkedIn

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