Paid Media: Structure Smart from the Start

Paid Media: Structure Smart from the Start

When this SaaS firm restarted their search advertising efforts after four years, we gave them the perfect paid media account structure.


SaaS firm specializing in HR & learning management systems with a complex sales process


Initial paid search results were so disappointing that they completely suspended paid media advertising for four years


Structure account for efficiency, flexibility and quick lead generation from the start

(un)Common Outcomes
Graphic showing outcomes from building an excellent SaaS paid media account structure: high lead volume out of the gate, plus further improvements in the next 3 months.

Our account rebuild process, step by step:

  • Research: We built a custom keyword list to capture high-volume traffic from high-value audiences and investigated bids for maximum cost-effectiveness and ROI
  • Organization: We structured the account by client campaigns to get comparable data on campaign performance and to separate brand keywords from new-customer drivers
  • Structure: We divided each campaign into tightly themed ad groups with 5-10 keywords each
  • Tracking: We set up end-to-end tracking from keywords to conversions to revenue
  • User Experience: We developed custom ad copy and dedicated landing pages to create specific, unified searcher experiences
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