SEO Audit: Surveying the Landscape

SEO Audit: Surveying the Landscape

How our SEO audit for a B2C client specializing in landscaping materials revealed opportunities on every level


Landscaping materials company looking to increase organic traffic and offsite sales


Improving SEO to boost traffic while directing site users to and through conversion paths


Evaluated their website against our proven model for conversion-based site structure

(un)Common Outcomes
Pyramid structure showing ideal result of an seo audit for b2b client

Our audit comprehensively examines a company’s website on every level from marketing strategy to meta content—and then we go offsite. When auditing, we look for:

  • Clear SEO strategy aligned with marketing goals
  • Keywords aligned with SEO strategy
  • Minimal page load time
  • Few or no 404 or 302 server codes
  • Robots.txt and sitemap(s) properly formatted and submitted
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Optimized user experience
  • All media tagged and optimized
  • Meta content promotes on-page content to encourage clicks
  • Low-friction lead forms
  • Offsite identity, including social profiles, consistent and accurate
  • Metrics aligned with goals
  • Events tagged and tracked
SEO audit pyramid graphic in shadow to depict the findings of an seo audit for b2b client

However, when we examined the client’s site, we found:

  • SEO strategy not aligned with marketing goals
  • Keywords not aligned with goals or on-site content
  • Very long page load times
  • Many 404 and 302 pages
  • Robots.txt and sitemap incorrect
  • Not mobile-optimized
  • Confusing navigation
  • Inconsistent internal linking
  • Content focused on company, not user
  • High proportion of duplicate content
  • Few images, none properly tagged
  • Most meta content missing or duplicate
  • Offsite identity inconsistent
  • Friction in lead forms
  • Analytics code inconsistently implemented, with only 1 metric tracked
  • Events not tagged or tracked

A more superficial audit would have missed elements like marketing strategy and offsite identity. But our audit yielded a clear plan of action to improve every aspect of the client’s website for improved traffic and conversions.

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