Better SEO After a Site Relaunch

Better SEO After a Site Relaunch

How the (un)Common team gave a landscaping materials client better SEO after a site relaunch


Landscaping materials company looking to increase organic traffic and offsite sales


Site relaunch with extensive back-end improvements implemented over 30+ days; dip in organic traffic expected


Technical health improvements to recapture lost traffic quickly, then grow it further

(un)Common Outcomes
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Building a better website

In the second year of our engagement, the client relaunched their website in line with our recommendations: streamlined architecture, improved organization and navigation, optimized content and meta content, appropriate goal tracking, and many other upgrades to boost visibility, ranking, and user experience.

Organic traffic decreased 20.1% in the first month following a relaunch, but increased 20.6% in the next month

Defeating the “relaunch rebound”

It’s common for websites to experience a “relaunch rebound,” a brief drop in traffic following a migration or major back-end relaunch, such as this one. Post-relaunch, the client’s traffic was down 20.14% from May the previous year. However, the following month, traffic was up 20.62% from June the previous year.

Organic traffic increased by 31% in the year following a relaunch

Organic traffic kept growing

Once organic traffic rebounded from the relaunch, it continued to grow; year-over-year monthly organic traffic growth averaged 30.75% for the next six months. (Because correct conversion tracking started with the relaunch, conversion rates couldn’t be compared to pre-relaunch rates, but the site’s CVR averaged 12.39% for the next year.)

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