CRO: Mobile-First Design Resulted in 70% Increase in Orders

Our CRO team's mobile-first design implementation resulted in a 70% increase in orders placed for this B2C ecommerce company.

32% Increase in time spent on website
21% Increase in pages per session
166% Increase in goal tracking

This B2C ecommerce company had high traffic but low conversions on their website. How could we help them communicate the purpose of their product to visitors?

Our Approach
  1. Homepage elements negatively impacted page speed and path towards conversions
    • (1) Minimal information above the fold, hard to read CTA’s (2) missing product intro (3) No testimonials or social proof (4) Large images requiring heavier scrolling
  2. Redesigning for the mobile user removed barriers towards smoother web experience
    1. (1) Expanded navigation (2) Higher contrast CTA (3) Smaller images, rotating hero (4)Testimonials higher up on page
Original Homepage

screenshot of the original vochill wine accessories ecommerce company homepage with numbers of potential areas to test superimposed

Improved Homepage

screenshot of the improved vochill wine accessories ecommerce company homepage with numbers of improved elements superimposed

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