Zach Cohen-Ford

Zach Cohen-Ford

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Zach Cohen-Ford is a quick study whose focus, curiosity, and determination make him an ideal Senior Digital Marketing Analyst.
What is your background?

I grew up in DFW and moved to Austin when I started my Biology degree at The University of Texas at Austin. Except for a short time in Denver and back in DFW, I’ve been in Austin ever since. I worked in student affairs and public health for several years while attending grad school (all at UT) before joining the (un)Common Logic team.

What are your responsibilities at (un)Common Logic?

As a Senior Digital Marketing Analyst focused on SEO, I help clients grow their organic web traffic. Whether that’s through technical changes, content creation, or diving deep on keyword research, I’m here to make sure no stone goes unturned for our clients as they grow their traffic.

What's your favorite thing about working at (un)Common Logic?

The fact that everyone here is a genuinely nice, interesting, and enthusiastic person forms the foundation for an incredible culture. That and the fact that we all get to be both hyper-analytical and creative in our work makes coming to work every day more enjoyable than anywhere else I’ve worked.

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?

Keeping up with the level of nuance each client and situation brings. There are no hard and fast rules, our work always has to be contextualized. That makes finding answers challenging sometimes, but it also keeps things fun and interesting.

What makes Austin special?

For me, Austin is special because my closest friends are all here, and I’m only a few hours away from family. Plus, I love food, board games, and escape rooms, and Austin has world-class options for all three! I think there’s something for everyone here, and each part of town is so different.

Anything big happening this year outside of work?

I’m going to Disney World with my little nephew for his first Disney trip. I’m very much looking forward to enjoying the food and drink at EPCOT while he and my sister-in-law go on the Frozen ride for the 14th time!

What's the story you love to tell or the trick you love to do at parties?

I have worn glasses since I was 5 because I have an eye that sometimes floats off to the side, and when it does I see double images of everything in front of me! It’s a particularly fun trick to pull out around Halloween (or on first dates, as my wife would tell you).