Taylor Harbin

Taylor Harbin

Digital Marketing Analyst

Taylor Harbin's creativity, detail-oriented approach, and commitment to excellence make her an ideal Digital Marketing Analyst.
What is your background?

I’m originally from Dayton, OH but my love and dedication to my previous career as a professional ballet dancer brought me to Austin, TX. I’ve been in Austin for a little over six years. I was a professional ballet dancer for five years. When I retired from ballet I knew I needed some new skills and the tech industry in Austin is very enticing. I went back to school for UX/UI design and I became a freelance designer. I enjoyed working for myself and by myself but I wanted to grow and learn more and the universe knew exactly where I needed to be and it was with (un)Common Logic.

What are your responsibilities at (un)Common Logic?

As a Digital Marketing Analyst, I identify client’s pain points and then I use the data to discover the best plan of action to remove these pain points. When those pain points are cleared, I focus on the remainder of the user’s experience as they navigate clients' websites.

What's your favorite thing about working at (un)Common Logic?

(un)Common Logic’s culture is hands down the best work culture I’ve been a part of. Everyone is very helpful, encouraging, and inspiring. The office is always full of ideas and creativity. I also really enjoy the work I do: every day is different and brings new challenges, ideas, and approaches to your work. It's quite invigorating and refreshing.

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?

Digital marketing changes every day...and that's also what makes it exciting.

What makes Austin special?

Austin is special because it is the first city that has felt like home to me other than my hometown. It has such a charm from the restaurants, the coffee shops, the concerts, the parks, and most importantly the people. The city feels like a warm embrace and it’s hard to not love it.

What makes you (un)Common?

My ambidextrous brain makes me (un)Common. Having been a rigorously trained ballerina using the right side of my brain fully to becoming a data analyst and tech employee pumping the left side of my brain's muscles has really shown me the power of my own brain. I strive everyday to find the common ground between my two hemispheres because that sliver of space where the two sides of my brain are working in tandem together is what makes me and my work unique.