It’s been over two years since (un)Common Logic launched Unfair Advantage. So you might be wondering, how’s it going? What’s changed? Yes, I can hear you laughing – I know that a LOT has changed since 2020. But specifically…

What Has Happened with Unfair Advantage Since Its Launch?

Unfair Advantage has gone from an idea to reality: from a vision of serving small and medium-sized businesses starting their digital marketing journeys using the same (un)Common Logic approach we bring to enterprise-level clients…to seven dedicated teammates who serve clients ranging from a sound masking equipment company to a wine accessory manufacturer and a bridal shop with both online and brick-and-mortar stores to a real estate SaaS provider.

What Kind of Businesses Does Unfair Advantage Serve?

Unfair Advantage focuses on those businesses who are just starting their digital marketing journey or have plateaued and know they need digital marketing to grow. We’ve distilled our expertise serving enterprise-level clients into a highly flexible, customizable approach that starts with a client’s business goals, builds that client their own digital marketing plan based on those goals, and implements that plan with plenty of communication, flexibility, and accountability.

What do our clients like about Unfair Advantage? 

“[Unfair Advantage] has been a joy to work with and the whole team has been very hard-working in helping us…Super stoked!”
– Ecomm and digital systems manager, Water sports gear manufacturer

“We appreciate [your] insights and how closely you’re monitoring everything…Thanks!”
-Digital marketing lead, Energy equipment manufacturer


How Does Unfair Advantage Serve Them?

What have we learned in serving these clients the past couple of years? Communication and transparency matter and lead to trust. Do you want to know how your digital marketing efforts are doing? We’ll tell you, regularly and in data-driven language that isn’t full of industry jargon or technical acronyms. Direct and honest communication is one of our core values and we take it very seriously.

Through that communication, we find ourselves helping our Unfair Advantage clients work through issues in areas including:

  • setting up paid media accounts in channels from Google to Facebook to LinkedIn and more;
  • improving their website’s visibility in search engine results;
  • setting up tracking and understanding their conversions;
  • managing paid and organic social media efforts;
  • even creating landing pages for their website to make the customer download or purchase or other goal as easy as possible (otherwise known as “reducing friction in the user journey”)

Clients stepping up their digital marketing efforts need expertise. Some of them want to understand the tactics in greater detail than others, but all of them want to take their business to the next level. As each client’s business grows, its needs and goals change and we are ready to pivot right along with them. Because we bring such a breadth of experience to the table, we can offer suggestions for new and additional ways to find customers online and then make it happen.

Can You Give an Example?

Of course! We’ve had a lot of success stories, but one of our favorite recent ones is a B2B manufacturer in the energy industry. Initially we worked with them on improving their website’s SEO and CRO, helping ensure the company was found by searchers in their target market and that the user journey supported their lead generation and business goals.

Next, we started handling their paid media in Google. Their paid media account had been set up very simply, was running on autopilot, and wasn’t generating much lead volume. We rebuilt the account to align with best practices, expanded their paid media reach using keyword research and a full-funnel approach, improved their goal tracking to focus on quality conversions, and began actively managing the account.

Comparing the month before we took over their paid media to the month after, we saw these results:

first month results for energy manufacturer including 1020% increase in conversions and 48% decrease in cost per lead

Our steps over the next couple months included optimizations aimed at growing conversion volume, testing new audiences and platforms, and improving account efficiency. Reviewing our work at the end of the quarter and comparing it to the previous year showed an 11800% increase in conversion volume (not a typo) and 97% decrease in cost per lead:

energy manufacturer first quarter results including 11800% increase in conversion volume and 97% decrease in cost per lead

Now that’s what we call an unfair advantage…and we’re just as excited about results like these as our clients are!

What Else Can We Say About Results?

Our reporting and regular communication not only means each client knows the results of our efforts, but also that we are accountable for those results. Data drives all our decision-making: what to do and when to do it. When something doesn’t go according to plan (and even with all our experience, that happens), we will tell you and let you know what we’re doing to get back on track. And your data is always YOUR data, not hidden in some “black box” or behind some proprietary tool.

What’s the Difference Between (un)Common Logic & Unfair Advantage?

That Unfair Advantage came from (un)Common Logic is obvious: same values, same approach. And that won’t change. It’s how those values and that approach are applied and the type of client served that’s different.

How Do I Learn More About Unfair Advantage?

Visit the Unfair Advantage website to learn more about the Unfair Advantage approach, services, and team.

Want to grow your business?

Contact us to learn more about (un)Common Logic’s approach for businesses with established digital marketing efforts or contact Unfair Advantage if your business is newer to digital marketing.