Elizabeth Crinejo, Director of Client Operations, shows you where to use marketing data in the sales funnel at every stage to inform better content. From the session “Drowning in Data, but Thirsty for Insight?” given by Elizabeth Crinejo and Melissa Mines at ConnectToConvert, August 21, 2017.


We have this big—and I can even give you a chef reference because I love cooking, and, you know, for me like grocery stores are limitless possibilities. My husband feels the same about Home Depot.

So, grocery stores are filled with ingredients just like we have this giant pile of data. Now what do I do? You approach it with what you’re out to accomplish. You bring your question to your data and you say, “What do I want to know?” And an easy way for us to look at it is our funnels because we all understand our customers in relationship to where they are in the funnel.

So let’s say awareness questions: Where do my buyers come from? There are metrics associated with any question you could possibly want to answer about your customer, when you’re not asking them directly.

So, here I would say, “Where do my buyers come from?” So, I could go get traffic by geography. I can look at cookie tracking data. I could look at shipping information if you ship something out or where you fulfill on different leads that have sold in different areas by zip code, right?

Going on, consideration. How do we look for our solutions? Search query data, sales by source? Where do they go to get their information? Traffic by landing page, on site search data.

I don’t know if you use this very often, but if you go and look to see what people are actually putting in on your website, you can learn a lot about what people want from your website, and you can understand how well or how poorly you’re actually delivering it.

Going into decisions, so where do they need more information to help them purchase, and this is data that you would find in a spreadsheet or it might be data that you go inquiring about.

Go talk to your call center people or their sales people and say, “What are the top three questions you have to answer before you can get them to the next phase of sales?” Well, why don’t we have a landing page with that information on it? Why don’t we lead with that? Because time and time again both are site search data and what we’re hearing from sales all validate these are questions that people have.

And then looking at the bottom of the funnel, loyalty, advocacy, you know what’s similar about my best customers? How can I take care of them better and then how can I go find more them that are similar to these just based on these people who have an affinity for what I have to offer. Now I just need to go find their friends.