What’s the #1 danger of a paid search audit? Not doing paid search audits in the first place! Yes, they can be intimidating, but you can handle it, as Director of Client Operations Donna Lagow will assure you.


A big round of applause, talking about paid search, Donna Lagow.

So some of the big flaws that we see in paid search auditing are, in general, never doing them. Why in the world would you not want to understand what’s going on in your account at a very granular level? We’ve actually had clients say “I haven’t done an audit over the last year or two.” Eeek!

So when you’re doing that, you’re allowing for a status quo. You’re allowing performance to be the “good enough” phenomenon.

We, actually, on the agency side, have what we call an account swap situation. We, probably every six months, will rotate accounts between our account teams and then evaluate how performance could be better. Again, is it hitting long-term growth goals? Are we efficient enough? Are the big things that are the money drivers for us as effective as they can be?

So, again, it’s an opportunity for you to get better. And who doesn’t want that?

In general, the things that you’re looking for: fast wins, you kind of want to follow the money; as well looking for opportunities to reduce wasted spend; and in general an opportunity to buffer up your strategy and your long-term game for your account.