Here at (un)Common Logic, we have lots of ways to celebrate each other: shout-outs during our weekly team meetings, team-of-the-quarter performance awards, meme-filled emails on each person’s work anniversary from our CEO, quarterly outings including pool parties or party barges…and the pinnacle of celebrating each other comes during our annual holiday party when we award The Sydneys.
photo of the (un)Common Logic team at the 2022 holiday party

What Are The Sydneys?

The Sydneys are our recognition of the employees who most represented each of our core values throughout the previous year. The entire company votes for each other and 2022 was the fourth year we have presented these coveted awards.

Why Are the Awards Called The Sydneys?

The Sydneys are named after Sydney Sheedy, a former employee who started as an analyst and through hard work, consistently embodying the values, and a commitment to leading with value became a senior account manager before suffering a debilitating medical emergency. Sydney’s countless contributions to her teammates, her clients, and to (un)Common Logic’s culture are the reason we named the awards after her.

Sydney told us, “I used the core values as a baseline for what I would be doing if I owned the company…[I would ask myself] if I were the owner would I still be doing the things that I was doing and would I still be doing them the way that I was doing them? Those core values gave me two things: a sense of pride, like this is mine and I helped to make it, and it also gave me power because I knew that I could affect change in the organization. If there was something that wasn’t working right or something that could be improved or I just had a good idea, I knew I could talk with somebody about it and we could make it happen.”

How Are The Sydneys Awarded?

Not only does each employee vote for the teammate whom they feel best represented each value, the ballot also includes space for brief comments on why and how their choice represented that value.

Before the winners are announced, our CEO shares with the entire company a few selected comments that were made about the runners-up. Cool, right? Competition for these awards is tight, so it’s nice to hear how much everyone is contributing to the culture and success of (un)Common Logic.

Who Are This Year’s Winners?

So, without further ado, here are the (un)Common Logic 2022 Sydney Award winners:

Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results

Winner: Ashlee Andres

A nine-year veteran at (un)Common Logic, Ashlee’s teammates said things like, “She seriously always goes above and beyond…consistently delivers excellent results, even in tough situations, and pulls those around her up by showing them the way.”

Communicate Directly and Honestly

Winner: Brandon Jones

Brandon is a boomerang who worked for us years ago, moved out of state (before remote working was a thing), and came back to us in early 2020. “One of the best on the team at delivering constructive feedback in a caring way. He is direct and honest and never shies away from difficult conversations…at the same time, he can also take a joke and keep the mood light even in stressful situations.”

Have the Right Attitude

Winner: Emily Radcliffe

Emily has been with (un)Common Logic less than two years and has already made a big impression. She’s known by her clients for her hard work and dedication to their success and by her co-workers for her enthusiasm and positivity. “She brings warmth and charisma wherever she goes, and we love it!”

Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

Winner: Kat Shenkan, Mykaela Steinburg, and Sue Koch

A first-ever three-way tie, this year’s winners show just how important reliability and dependability are at (un)Common Logic. All of them “just come through. It’s as simple as that.”

Do the Right Thing

Winner: Annie Duke

Annie has been with the company six years and “is the epitome of this value, consistently does right by both her clients and teammates, and … is who you want in your corner, forever and always.”

Always Learn and Try New Things

Winner: Victoria Ruiz

In Victoria’s two years at (un)Common Logic, she has shown an unmatched eagerness to learn all things digital marketing. Victoria “is always learning new things and sharing them with the team…she’s the learning queen, leading the way for us all to follow.”
photo of The (un)Common Logic 2022 Sydney Award winners

There you have it – congratulations to all of the 2022 Sydney award winners! We can’t wait to see what everyone does in 2023!

Do these sound like people you’d like to work with? Come join our team or contact us to talk about our (un)common approach to digital marketing and how it can help grow your business!