One of the main reasons I was so drawn to (un)Common Logic during my job search was the unique way the company’s culture and core values were explained on the website. Instead of the lengthy descriptions other companies tend to use, (un)Common Logic brings their core values to life through quotes by people who work here. The (un)Common Logic core values are:

  • Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results
  • Communicate Directly and Honestly
  • Have the Right Attitude
  • Do What You Say You’re Going to Do
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Always Learn and Try New Things

These quotes drew me in and led me to explore more of the website, the people, and the culture, and I realized I wanted to be a part of it.

Why Did “Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results” Resonate For Me?

Now that I’m part of the (un)Common Logic team, one value in particular has resonated with me throughout my time here so far:  Do What it Takes to Deliver Excellent Results. One of the main reasons this has resonated with me so much was because it reminded me of advice my dad has always given me and my siblings: “Whatever you do, make sure you do it well.”  To me, at the heart of this value is a message asking us to consider putting in well-intentioned effort in order to deliver results that are not only acceptable, but excellent.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked for several different companies that would describe the word excellence very differently. Excellent results might mean obtaining a client worth millions of dollars and staying at the office well past 6pm. Or, it might mean sacrificing sleep in order to be the first to show up at the office before anyone else. Many of my past experiences involved trying to deliver excellent results by being the earliest, the last to leave, the “oops I skipped lunch again” person.

At some point during 2020, I decided to re-evaluate my career and how fulfilled I felt by the work I was doing. When I realized that what I wanted no longer matched what my work was, I decided to pivot in a different direction. I stopped and asked myself questions like, “What would it look like to work for a place where I felt like I could deliver excellent work, and deliver it well?” and “What would that company have for me that’s different than other companies I’ve worked for in the past?”

How Does (un)Common Logic Ensure We’re All Committed to Our Core Values?

Going through the interview process for (un)Common Logic proved to me that this company was worth investing in. I interviewed with the CEO Barbara as well as Annie and Donna among other directors. Their friendly demeanor drew me in from the start and I found myself genuinely connecting with their stories and personalities. In particular, I remember being taken aback by the deeply insightful questions that were asked during my interviews. While they were of course interested in hearing about my background and skill set, they were also interested in my lived experiences, knowing what was important to me and what motivated me, and the struggles that I’ve faced and how I’ve overcome them. I remember pausing and thinking, “Wow, I’ve never been asked this at any other interview. What is something I can share that has defined me in my life?”  It was unlike any other job interview experience I’ve ever had. What I appreciated the most, however, was that they were not only posing questions that asked me to reach a little deeper than what was on the surface, but they also provided stories and anecdotes about their life to me. It was a show of trust and connection that stayed with me long after the interview was over.

My first few weeks at (un)Common Logic, I was able to get to know and have great conversations with the directors, managers, and analysts that work here. Being new to Texas, I was surprised at how friendly, open, and encouraging my fellow co-workers were. I came to find out that yes, Texans really are some of the friendliest people in the world. More than that, however, I came to find that the team at (un)Common Logic are some of the smartest, kindest, and hardest-working individuals I’ve ever met.

What Does “Do What It Take to Deliver Excellent Results” Really Mean?

When I think about Do What it Takes to Deliver Excellent Results, I think of a fellow analyst that exemplifies this value for me, Josh Jennings. When I first started working at (un)Common Logic, I was able to shadow JJ for a few months. Aside from being a very sharp and detail-oriented person, JJ is very conscious of understanding where a client is in terms of need and is able to view the situation from a “big-picture” perspective.

One thing I admired about JJ right off the bat was his willingness to create new processes if the ones in place didn’t seem to address the issues he faced. In one instance, he sent me a message asking for my opinion on a design he had just created for a client. We chatted back and forth for a bit before saying, “Hey, this is actually incredibly useful. How would you feel about setting time every week to go over client designs and get feedback for things we’re both working on?”

Another example of JJ’s commitment to delivering excellent results, is when he was considering running an A/B test for an (un)Common Logic client, but wanted to brainstorm a user persona first, in order to help guide his testing plan. He sent out an invite and asked everyone involved in conversion rate optimization to participate (and even bought us lunch!). He delved into asking the team to consider who the user persona was, what types of challenges they would face, their wants and needs, and the most important elements the user might be considering when visiting the client’s site. As I was participating in the brainstorm, I remember thinking what a great example this was of a person going above and beyond for the client. This was work the client would never see, but that JJ would be using as he moved forward in redesigning elements for the site, running A/B tests, and analyzing data in the coming months.

And of course, as a service business, it’s crucial for (un)Common Logic to deliver excellent results for our clients. We do things behind the scenes and we also meet with them regularly and talk about strategies to help them achieve their business goals. Sometimes that means we’re developing a strategy over time together, while other times we are responding quickly to a situation. A client recently emailed us, “You folks are amazing and I SEE the results every week…thank you so much for moving the needle for us.”

And our co-founder recently received an email from a client talking about our excellent results: “Just wanted to take a moment to highlight an example of the great partnership [client] has with (un)Common Logic. [We] collaborated on a few insights we saw in our downstream data this afternoon and…within one hour, [our account manager] and the (un)Common Logic team had researched and resolved a few issues and implemented recommendations…thank you for a great team!”

four people all giving thumbs up

In short, I truly don’t have to look too far or think too hard for examples of Do What it Takes to Deliver Excellent Results because the team here at (un)Common Logic operates at such a high level of excellence in their day-to-day work that examples of this core value abound. It’s truly special to work with a group of people that place an emphasis on quality over quantity and understand the impact of delivering excellent results.

Want to know more about how (un)Common Logic has the right attitude or builds our winning culture?

Or how our clients see our commitment to excellent results through a 35X increase in revenue or doubling traffic during a site redesign?

Whether you’re thinking to hire (un)Common Logic or come work within our team, we know you’ll see our values in action every day!