How do we build a winning company culture? At (un)Common Logic, we intentionally foster a strong organizational culture founded in trust, teamwork, and support. We do that daily by using our company values as our north star:

  1. Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results
  2. Communicate Directly and Honestly
  3. Have the Right Attitude
  4. Do What You Say You’re Going to Do
  5. Do the Right Thing, and
  6. Always Learn and Try New Things

Many places say they have the best company culture and many articles have been written on building and maintaining a winning culture. Read on for more on how (un)Common Logic not only talks the talk but walks the walk, as evidenced by our winning the Austin American-Statesman’s Top Workplace award every time we’ve applied (7 so far, more than any other local marketing agency).

Building a Winning Culture Starts with a Company’s Core Values

Company value statements aren’t just a list on the website or the wall; to truly have an impact, they need to be integrated into the corporate environment from the beginning of the hiring process throughout daily interactions with teammates and customers.

As our co-founder recently wrote about, over time we’ve learned that we need to hire folks for digital marketing jobs with us whose values and character are a cultural fit first, knowing that we can train them in the skill sets we need to deliver the best results for our clients. Many people have heard about “agency culture” – while we work hard for our clients, we also work hard to support each other and ensure work/life balance for our team.

One example of how we integrate our values into our culture is through our annual employee awards. Each year, the entire team votes on which members best exemplified each value during that year. Here’s who won each award last year (and yes, there’s a monetary award for winning, in addition to bragging rights and a trophy) and a little bit about why the team thought that person should win that award.

Do What It Takes to Deliver Excellent Results

Our first value is obviously client-focused and is also important for our team overall and our culture. In addition to delivering excellent client service, excellence includes thinking through problems and their solutions and then being there to help and support teammates. Donna Lagow, one of our Directors of Client Operations, won this award most recently, although second place was a FOUR-WAY tie, which tells you just how important this company value is. One of Donna’s coworkers said, “She truly serves as a guiding light up the most strenuous trails for what it takes to deliver excellence for our people, for our clients, for the agency, and for ourselves.”

Communicate Directly and Honestly

Our second value is essential for excellent client service and also for building our esprit d’corps. Difficult conversations are often the most vital ones. When mistakes are made, the most important next step is to own it before it can be fixed. When something can be improved, we let that person know what and how. Some conversations are easy: when something is done well, we let everyone know!

Honest and direct communication is a hallmark of our leadership and our team and was most recently exemplified by Account Manager Melissa Kortovich. Teammates said she “does an amazing job of building trust with her clients and teammates and, as a result, she is able to have truly open and honest conversations while demonstrating her care and concern for people.”

Have the Right Attitude

Having the right attitude at (un)Common Logic means thinking about your clients and your colleagues and what you can do to make things better or easier for them (account coverage so that a teammate can take a vacation, for example) and then doing those things while maintaining a positive attitude. 2020 couldn’t have been a tougher year for someone in human resources, but our Senior HR Manager, Sandy Powers, won this award for being “our constant little ray of sunshine…[who] always keeps a positive attitude no matter what is going on.”

Do What You Say You’re Going to Do

Reliability and follow-through is essential for a team – we all count on each other to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible performance overall. Managing all our tasks as well as our commitments to clients and to each other requires planning and self-awareness and no one demonstrated that last year more than Account Manager Christina Poulin. One teammate said, “There is no one that I trust more on the team to follow through on a promise than Christina. She is just reliable, full stop.”

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing in some ways is the hardest because it combines the others: excellence, communication, positivity, and reliability. The word that comes up most often in the employee survey regarding this award is integrity. Maybe that’s old-fashioned, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. There was a lot of competition for this award last year, but Annie Duke, Director of Client Operations, took it home. Teammates said, “Doing the right thing has always been Annie’s mantra,” and “[Annie] consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her clients and team are held to ethical, (un)Common Logic standards.”

Always Learn and Try New Things

The need for this value is inherent in the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry – everyone on our team talks about the importance of keeping up with the constant changes in order to deliver excellence. Account Manager Callie Langford wrote more about how we incorporate this value into our culture in this recent blog post.

But last year our winner of this award was SEM Analyst Sophia Burt. Sophia’s eagerness to learn and try new things led her teammates to say things like, “This is an easy one for me” and “Honestly if Sophia doesn’t win this one I’m going to be shocked.”

Why Do We Focus on Our Company Core Values?

Living our company values leads to so many benefits. Our clients know they’re getting excellent service, honest communication, and that we’ll do the right thing for them. Our teammates know we’ll have the right attitude, be reliable, and help each other learn and try new things. So when we are asked by an outside entity, such as the Austin American-Statesman, to survey our employees to see if the results qualify us to win a “Top Workplace” award, we say yes. And then we win it…seven times.

Want to know more about (un)Common Logic, our winning culture, and what else makes us unique? Contact us to learn more!