Paid Media: Spend Wisely, Win Big

Paid Media: Spend Wisely, Win Big

How strategic thinking, granular data analysis, and customizing our approach to campaigns, bids, and more led to more leads at a lower cost for this B2B client


Web hosting provider for SMBs


How to grow leads from low volume, complex technical queries


Used data-driven and ongoing query analysis to improve targeting, customize messaging, and test bid strategies

(un)Common Outcomes

Searchers for web hosting services use either broad overarching terms or complex, technical, long-tailed, and often unique queries, both of which can indicate highly motivated potential customers. When you can show that you know what each searcher is looking for, they’re much more likely to click on your ad and purchase your solution. This means that the usual account best practices which assume a potential customer is moving from the top of the funnel to the bottom through increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated searches doesn’t always apply for this client. Knowing that this target market behaves differently meant that we had to think strategically when setting up the account to capture both types of traffic. 

Our account monitoring allows us to identify, separate, and create customized marketing campaigns for both the searchers using broad and specific terms. We mitigate the potential cost of running campaigns on broad overarching terms through continuous monitoring and granular management to isolate and remove unprofitable searches from matching to ads for this client. On the other hand, over half of this client’s conversions come from single queries and we tailor our targeting to reach those highly motivated searchers, as well. We even refined our targeting to reach the audience segment that drove BOTH the highest percentage of clicks and the highest percentage of conversions. This drives more marketing qualified leads to the site, leading to more revenue gains.  

Our approach also includes creating and implementing a testing plan. As one example, for this client, we tested bid strategies to maximize their ad budget. We also tailor our messaging to appeal to customers looking for specific features as well as to promote sales to drive additional traffic and revenue. 

In just one year, our strategic, customized solution combined with granular management and iterative testing of audience targeting, marketing campaigns, bid strategies, and messaging led to a decrease in this hosting company’s cost per lead by almost 50%. At the same time, we increased their lead volume by 15%. That’s winning in digital marketing.

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